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Land in your new base with everything you need, taken care of by us.

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We'll find you a place to live, no matter how long you're staying there.

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We arrange your transportation needs, so you can be ready at showtime.

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Services & Logistics

Services and Logistics

When a Standby Spot user is relocated, they are given information that they need to know about their new city and how to thrive when there. Provide consulting, cost of living comparisons, moving companies, compile experiences & tips from other aviation based in same city. When a standby spot user is hired, they are given information about services relating to them even if they'll be based in home city. Will add to this later.

Rentals & Crashpads

Rentals and Crashpads

Provide those who move bases a curated list of rentals. Focus on crashpads, places with short term leases, locations convenient to airport. For each listing: provide crime heat map, school information for relocating families, nightlife and amenity reviews, time to airport for different modes of transportation. More coming soon.


Rideshares and Transportation

Users are given information about safe, affordable car service companies that can provide service including odd hours to accomodate all trips. Consult about public transportation: route planning, safety, access to airport, type of pass needed. Stuff about cars too. And rideshares and things like that.

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Some of the listings are availble to everyone who sign up with an airline address, but there could be some kind of monetization scheme where airlines subscribe and then also pay for access on a per-airport basis. Relocation packages available for a fee.

Subscribing airlines give all new hires access to a Standby spot account, which includes an orientation package and continued access to all listings.

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